Pyramid or Pillars:

Unveiling the Status of Women in Arts and Media Professions in Europe


Danielle Cliche, Ritva Mitchell and Andreas Wiesand

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ARCULT Media, 2000


4th EU Framework Programme on Equal Opportunities for Women and Men.

Co-financed by the German Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth.


Pyramid or Pillars is the first in a series of studies analysing the status of women and their professional development in the cultural labour market in Europe.

Researchers from all corners of Europe embarked on this empiricial mapping exercise for 3 years and produced indepth country studies, sector specific analysis and policy recommendations.  The results unveiled, for the first time, the (often underestimated) representation of women in cultural labour markets, their inadequate presence in decision making positions in culture and media institutions, the degree to which they receive public recognition for their work and raised other key questions regarding their training and professional development. 

These overall results are examined in a European comparative framework.  The results bring transparency about the position of female artists and professionals working in the cultural field at a time when a new EU Directive on achieving equality of women and men was being prepared.


European Conferences on Women in Arts and Media Professions

K√∂nigswinter, 1997: 
Programme  , Report 

Hamburg, 1999: 
Programme  , Report 


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