New handbook on cultural dimensions of human rights

CULTURE AND HUMAN RIGHTS: THE WROCLAW COMMENTARIES, published by De Gruyter (Berlin) and ARCult Media (Cologne), is the first basic dictionary in this domain; it is complemented by a special Internet platform with further information and a debate space. Edited by Andreas Joh. Wiesand, Kalliopi Chainoglou and Anna Sledinska-Simon in collaboration with Yvonne Donders, the handbook is composed of 130 Articles written by 96 experts from all over the  world. The Council of Europe and the ERICarts Institute were involved in the 30 month preparation process, inter  alia via aspecial session at the Compendium Experts Assembly November 2015 in Wroclaw, where the first public presentation and discussion of the concept and main issues took place. The official lauch happened on 14 November 2016 in that city, held in the context of Wroclaw - European Capital of Culture 2016. On 10 May 2017, the Wroclaw Commentaries were presented by the Deputy Secretary General of the Council of Europe, Gabriella Battaini-Dragoni, and by the co-ordinating editor, Andreas Joh. Wiesand at a session of the Culture Committee (CDCPP) of the CoE in Strasbourg - watch their contributions on YouTube here and here.