2018 Compendium Assembly in Rijeka

From October 9 to 11, Compendium of Cultural Policies and Trends experts and stakeholders met in Rijeka, Croatia for their annual General Assembly. Following a keynote speech of Ernst Wagner (ENO) on arts education, a proposal for a renewed structure of the policy profiles were discussed, as well as the Compendium’s plans and goals for the future. Plans of A. J. Wiesand for an "Inventory of early cultural policy research" were introduced during the meeting (we will soon come back to this idea of a survey among Compendium and ERICarts experts).

Transnational Arts Awards

Opportunity for partnerships

The ERICarts Institute considers bidding in the EU "Creative Europe" Programme which would, if successful, include opportunities for ECURES members. Details about the planned TAA project, that is to support the mobility of arts and media workers, can be found here. However, we still need additional partners (e.g. NGOs, governments or a foundation), investments in the range of ca. 40,000 € - are needed. We look forward to your suggestions!