All Talents Count:

A Pilot Study on National Cultural Policies and Measures Supporting Cultural Diversity


Danielle Cliche and Andreas Wiesand

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ERICarts, 2001


INCP Working Group on Cultural Diversity and Globalisation


All Talents Count presents the results of a pilot study to examine existing national cultural policies, programmes, legislation, strategies and tools that support cultural diversity.

Country reports from Canada, Hungary, Senegal, South Africa and Sweden were compiled by local researchers.  They followed a common grid of indicators in the preparation of their country reports. 

Main areas of investigation pursued through the questionnaire:

  • The national context framing specific measures and incentives to foster diversity (e.g. ethnic minorities and linguistic diversity, immigration strategies, cultural infrastructure and media landscape)
  • Cultural policies and human rights
  • Public policies, and measures which recognise diverse forms of artistic and cultural expression
  • Cultural education
  • State policies and market support to the culture industries

The final report integrates and analyses the 5 country responses to the project questionnaire and concludes with a list of general trends, patterns and instruments used by cultural policy makers to support cultural diversity.


Executive Summary 

Full Report: English  French