Handbook of Cultural Affairs in Europe, 3rd Edition


Andreas Wiesand (ZfKf/ERICarts) in co-operation with Rod Fisher (CIRCLE Network), Ritva Mitchell (Arts Council of Finland) and Vera Boltho (Council of Europe)


Nomos Verlagsgesellschaft Baden-Baden, 2000


Foreign Office of the Federal Republic of Germany, the Robert Bosch Foundation, the Alfred Toepfer Foundation and the Council of Europe.


The Handbook of Cultural Affairs in Europe 2000 is the ultimate Yellow Pages for cultural co-operation in Europe. This 846 page Handbook provides information on the structure and activities of important European institutions and organisations such as the Council of Europe, the EU, on intergovernmental organisations, regional and municipal bodies, foundations, professional artist associations and transnational networks representing different cultural sectors.

Country profiles are published in English and in the respective language of the 48 European countries included in the Handbook.  Information is provided on the organisational structure, legal foundation and financing of cultural policy in each country.  Addresses, reference publicatons, email and website details are provided for national ministries, foundations and umbrella organisations.


Multilingual Handbook can be ordered from order@arcultmedia.de