Creative Europe:

On the Governance and Management of Artistic Creativity in Europe


Danielle Cliche, Ritva Mitchell, Andreas Wiesand in co-operation with Ilkka Heiskanen and Luca Dal Pozzolo.

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ARCult Media, 2002


Network of European Foundations for Innovative Action


Creative Europe presents the main results of a three year empirical and conceptual research analysing:

  • the challenges and practical problems artists and other cultural actors have been facing under the new economic and political conditions of the late 1990s and the early 21st century;
  • what is being done by European governments to support contemporary artistic work;
  • new modes of partnerships between public, private and non-profit actors which have evolved to support artistic creativity and cultural innovations under the prevailing and emerging new conditions.

During the research process, 13 case studies, 20 country profiles, and 6 sector analyses were produced.   Eight seminars and debates were organised within the context of the projects to acquire additional 'voices from the field'.

NOTE: ERICarts' "Creative Europe" project was not conceived as a preparatory study for the current programme of the European Union (2014-2020), which has borrowed its name. However, some of the study's insights and the portraits of innovative projects can still be considered as starting-points for reflections about new efforts towards meaningful cultural/artistic cooperation in Europe...


"An impressive piece of research and thinking."
Sam's Books

"It is likely to become required reading for policy makers, researchers, government agencies, funding bodies and professional arts organisations."
Arts Professional Magazine

"The recommendations are of utmost interest for the Sector for Culture as they come at a time when UNESCO is entrusted with building a new international instrument on cultural diversity."
Katerina Stenou, UNESCO


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