Cooperation in the Creative & Cultural Industries and the 2005 UNESCO Convention

EU-China Workshop 2012


Andreas Wiesand
in collaboration with Michael Söndermann (Arbeitskreis Kulturstatistik, Cologne)


EU-China Trade Project II, Beijing 2012


EU-China Trade Project II
in collaboration with the Ministry of Commerce (China) and the
Anhui Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export


The EU-China Trade Project II asked the ERICarts Institute to prepare two contributions for the EU-China Workshop "Cooperation in the Creative & Cultural Industries and the 2005 UNESCO Convention" – see an overview – held 26-27 April 2012 in Hefei (China):

  • The European 'Creative Sector': Definitions and structures of the 'Culture & Creative Industries' (CCI), with data on economic development;
  • EU and German Supervision of Cultural Goods and Services from Outside of the EU + EU and German Experience Promoting Development of Cultural Goods and Services

Thanks to Compendium Advisor Michael Söndermann, the presentation in China could present the latest comparative data of some European CCI branches. The Workshop brought different, but also similar views on CCI development in Europe and China to the fore, which will contribute to future research in that domain.