Mobility Matters

Mobility Incentives for Cultural Professionals in Europe


The study  was coordinated by Andreas Wiesand and  Danielle Cliche with the assistance of Olivier Goebel and Leena Marsio;
It is based mainly on existing resources,  on information gained from national correspondents in the 35 participating countries - see under Research Teams -   and on the contributions of six key experts: Suzanne Capiau, Rod Fisher, Ilkka Heiskanen, Dorota Ilczuk, Ritva Mitchell and Dimitrije Vujadinovic.


European Commission, DG EAC


The study of the ERICarts Institute for the EU-Commission focuses on programmes and schemes supporting or influencing the mobility of cultural professionals in Europe.   The project began in  April 2008, the final report was submitted in October 2008.

The study was not intended to be an audit of all mobility related schemes in Europe, but rather a survey and analysis of the range and scope as well as motives and results of such programmes.

During the course of the study, the ERICarts Institute collected information on:

  • mobility trends in different regions of Europe;
  • recent debates taking place within individual countries;
  • existing mobility schemes (their objectives, kind of support, target beneficiaries, eligibility conditions and the nature of benefits);
  • the main motives for funding bodies to support mobility; and
  • the main sources where professionals can find information about mobility incentives or barriers.

The team developed a classification of the main types and objectives of mobility schemes and tried to assess, on the basis of a rather limited supply of comparable data, their impact/effectiveness.

Recommendations for action are targeted to mobility funders within Member States and call for complementary action on the part of the European Commission, which respects the principle of subsidiarity for EU action in the cultural sector.

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The Executive Summary in English, French and German can also be downloaded here.