The Culture Industries in Europe


Andreas Wiesand


North Rhine Westphalia Ministry for Economics and Business, Technology and Transport


Since the mid 1990s, ERICarts has contributed comparative data and case studies to a series of Culture Industry Reports published by the government of NorthRhine Westphalia and prepared by a Task Force of specialists from the Universities of Dortmund and Witten-Herdecke, STADTart and the Zentrum für Kulturforschung. 

Each report has focused on a different theme such as:  the economic impact of the culture industries (1995), employment trends in the culture industry labour force (1997), the information society and the culture industries (2001), vocational training and education for culture industry professionals (2005).

In 1999, ERICarts was a member of the team which organised the EU German Presidency Conference: “The Culture Industries in Europe:  Regional Development Strategies” held in Essen, Germany.


Copies of the Culture Industry Reports 1-4 can be ordered from


Essen Declaration 
Ten Axioms for the Culture Industries in Europe

Employment Trends  in the Culture Industry Labour Force

Information Society Strategies   and the Culture Industries in 6 EU Countries