Exposing Professional Gate-keeping Processes in Music and New Media Arts


An ERICarts Report in partnership with FinnEKVIT, Mediacult, Observatorio das Actividades Culturais

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ARCult Media, 2003


EU Programme Relating to the Community Framework Strategy on Gender Equality (2001-2005)

Co-financed by the Austrian Federal Ministry for Education, Culture and Science, the Finnish Ministry of Culture, the Portuguese Observatorio das Actividades Culturais, the German Zentrum für Kulturforschung and the NRW Ministry of Urban Development and Housing, Culture and Sports.


Culture Gates is the second in a series of comparative studies analysing the status of women and their professional development in the arts and media fields in Europe.

Over a period of 15 months, the partners undertook national studies in four countries (Austria, Finland, Germany and Portugal).   The national reports present new empirical data and qualitative analysis to reveal, for the first time, gate-keeping mechanisms in the cultural field and the impact it has on the career development of women.

The fields of music and new media arts were selected as case studies to illustrate the gates which are open or act as a hurdle to reach levels of 'success' in their careers.   These results are examined in a European comparative framework.   The results bring transparency about the position of female artists and professionals working in the cultural field at a time when a new EU Directive on achieving equality of women and men was being prepared.


"Culture-gates provides a rich detailed empirical mapping of women's under representation and offers an excellent and original theorized analysis of the processes involved."
Diane Perrons
Director, Gender Institute
London School of Economics

"A fascinating report which uncovers the mysterious and sometimes murky role of the 'gate-keeper' in the cultural labour market"
Arts Research Digest


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