HERIWELL Inception Report published by ESPON

The HERIWELL Team - IRS+ACUME / ERICarts / AEC - is happy to announce the conclusion of the first phase of the project on cultural heritage and societal well-being, realised together with experts from across Europe (many of them members of the ERICarts Network). The Inception Report with the conceptual framework has just been published by ESPON EGTC on its website. The next phases of the research focus on investigating the most relevant societal domains where impacts of cultural heritage can be observed as well as on the methodological framework, including an in-depth study of relevant data sources. Later in 2021, a number of case studies will test the methodology and should provide insights on how different target groups on the local or regional level (including residents, tourists, migrants and minorities) are involved in activities related to both tangible and intangible heritage. The final HERIWELL report is planned for Spring 2022.

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