Integration through the Kitchen

The European Food Project


The European Food Project was first proposed to the former EUROCIRCON Network in Budapest, Spring 1990 by Andreas Wiesand and Stephen Mennell, international expert on the sociology of food.

At its 2nd assembly in Torino and Cocconato d'Asti, Italy, the Scientific Council of ERICarts designated the European Food Project as one of its priorities. Since this time, the framework for the project has been developed and two important "sub-projects" were implemented:

  • Bread - The World's Heritage
  • ELEA: Producing and Consuming Olives. A Contribution to European Culinary Cultural Heritage.
ERICarts welcomes additional partners who are interested in pursuing the aims and objectives of the European Food from a conceptual or thematic perspective.


The European Food Project  


Rethymnon, 1998:
Conference Programme  
Final Conference Report     
Rethymnon Declaration 
on Cuisine as a Cultural Resource

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